Dhulikhel, Namobuddha

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 Satisfaction of the tour depends on the preference and mood of the travelers but no matter what is your preference and how is the mood, Dhulekhel Tour, a short but rewarding tour, of course, will make you happy with the different flavors of tour in Nepal. A quite popular touring destination closer to Kathmanudu valley, the capital city of Nepal, among the tourists, Dhulikhel tour is easy and convenient for the people of all ages to the access to witness majestic mountain view as well as magnificent landscapes along with terraced fields. The unique and age-long Newari culture is one of the major highlight of Dhulikhel tour.


Namobuddha  is a sacred cultural  site located very closer to Kathmnaudu valley   to the south of  Dhulikhel offers an unbound  experience of a short tour . This holy site is not only remarkable for the Buddhists but also for those who are keen to dig out the ancient myths and to have an acquaintance with normal life of monks within the premises of Namobuddha. Tour to Namobuddha is like a spiritual and pilgrimage tour but offers an opportunity to explore the legend and the point for excellent mountain views and the landscapes.


It is said that Prince Mahasattva was the incarnation of Sakyamuni Buddha and one day he was passing through the forest. He witnessed a tigress with 5 cubs and they were nearly dying of starvation. The prince showed his compassion offered his flesh to the cubs and bones to the tigress. In this he sacrificed himself for the sake of ohers. Later, his brothers came in search of prince Mahasattva and they came to know that Mahsattva sacrificed their life for the cubs and the tigress. So, they built a stupa named Namobuddha in the momory of the prince Mahasattva and still getting popularity amongst domestic and international tourists.This myth is still famous in Buddhist and Hindu religion.

Difficulty Easy Trip Lenght days Group Size 1-50 Pax People
Best Month Any time Transportation Bus / Car / Jeep Accomodation Lunch
Style Full / service Max Elevation 2300 M high Meal Traditional
Trip Routes out side city
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